Wireless surveys

Experience bespoke wireless solutions tailored to your organisation’s unique demands. We optimise networks for global enterprises through meticulous surveys and dedicated support. 


Elevate your wireless experience

Our approach ensures you get the best wireless experience for your users.
We strive to deliver flawless, high-performing networks that are unique, solid, and dependable, without exception.  

Our professional wireless surveys

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Passive Surveys

Optimise your wireless network performance. Our hassle-free surveys identify issues in your setup, ensuring an optimal experience without undue costs.


Active Surveys

Get real-time network insights. From quick connectivity checks to detailed analysis, our active surveys offer valuable data for informed decisions.


Predictive Surveys

Perfect for remote projects, our predictive surveys provide a tailored, cost-effective solution for predicting wireless performance to enhance your network design.

In-Depth analysis with Ekahau

Harnessing the power of the industry-leading Ekahau Site Survey, we delve into an in-depth analysis to offer precise insights into your network’s performance. Our proficiency with Ekahau ensures the delivery of comprehensive reports and actionable recommendations, streamlining the process of upgrades and maintenance for optimal efficiency.


Making the complex simple

Our tailored engineering solutions cater to the needs of global enterprises. With proficiency in global compliance and security standards, dedicated project management, and a unified partner approach, we guarantee streamlined deployment processes and smooth integration.

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Ready to experience the Flow advantage?

We simplify wireless networking with customised site surveys and expert analysis. Our Passive, Active, and Predictive surveys form the core of our service offerings, tailored to provide optimal WiFi coverage, performance and reliability for your unique environment.

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An overview of our wireless surveys 

Our flexible approach ensures optimal WiFi coverage, performance, security and reliability - whether for busy offices or manufacturing facilities. Our technicians carefully execute each survey, delivering faster speeds, fewer dead zones, and less downtime. Our inclusive post-deployment support ensures seamless integration for thriving networks.


Comprehensive Assessments

Evaluate every aspect of your network for optimal performance and security.


Proven Cost Reduction

Designed to save you money by streamlining processes and eliminating unnecessary expenses.


Enhanced Productivity

Empowering your team with seamless, reliable network connectivity, boosting productivity.



User Satisfaction 

Fostering a positive work environment through enhanced user experience and collaboration.


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Tailored Solutions

Customising security strategies based on specific needs for maximum efficiency.


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Why choose Flow for wireless surveys?

  • Before deployment, we thoroughly assess site readiness, access points, and permissions to ensure everything is set up correctly.
  • Our team conducts surveys and gathers essential Wi-Fi data to optimise the network's performance.
  • We analyse collected data meticulously to identify any network weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Based on our survey findings, we deploy targeted security solutions to strengthen the network's defences.
  • We provide ongoing monitoring and support services to maintain optimal network security and performance.

Our trusted partners we are proud to work with

Your local partner for global solutions

Flow focus on providing efficient solutions to organisations enabling them to do business in confidence, with seamless transition and without fear of a cybersecurity attack. Bringing over 15 years of experience at the highest level, building trusted relationships with customers and supporting them wherever they are on their digital journey. Cybersecurity is built into the fabric of all our solutions, enabling secure and confident business operations.