Wireless network deployments

We understand the critical role of wireless connectivity. Our solutions are designed to deliver reliable, high-performance networks that meet your organisation’s specific needs.


Seamless connectivity with Flow

Discover how Flow’s wireless deployments enhance your network performance and user experience.

Key features

Network Survey

Wireless Site Surveys

Thorough site surveys assess coverage and signal strength, enhancing network performance.


Network Design and Planning

Detailed plans optimise coverage, stability, and scalability for your business needs.


AP Installation

Expert installation maximises coverage and performance with minimal disruption.


Configuration and Optimisation

Customised settings ensure secure and reliable wireless access, boosting productivity.


Testing and Validation

Rigorous testing verifies functionality, ensuring reliable networks and user satisfaction.



Comprehensive documentation simplifies management, reducing downtime, ensuring compliance.


Training and Support

Empowering IT staff with skills and ongoing support boosts proficiency and satisfaction.

Making the complex simple 

Our tailored engineering solutions cater to the needs of global enterprises. With proficiency in global compliance and security standards, dedicated project management, and a unified partner approach, we guarantee streamlined deployment processes and smooth integration.

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With years of expertise and a global network of trusted partners, Flow is uniquely positioned to meet your deployment needs.
Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart, ensuring that every project is completed efficiently, reliably, and with exceptional results.

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The Flow advantage

An Overview of Flow’s Wireless Deployment Services


Optimised Connectivity

Our wireless site surveys guarantee optimal signal strength and coverage, minimising dead zones and enhancing network performance and user productivity.


Efficient Installation and Configuration 

Our skilled technicians ensure precise access point installation, optimising network performance and security with customised configurations for reliable wireless access and increased productivity. 


Empowered IT Teams

Our training sessions and ongoing support empower your IT staff to manage and maintain the wireless network effectively, reducing reliance on external support and enhancing response times for improved network performance and user satisfaction.


Thorough Testing and Documentation

Our rigorous testing ensures network functionality before deployment, minimising post-deployment issues. Comprehensive documentation streamlines management and troubleshooting, ensuring compliance and reducing downtime.



Seamless Deployment Process

Through expert network design and planning, we tailor architecture to your needs, strategically placing access points for consistent connectivity. This ensures improved reliability, reduced downtime, and scalability for future growth. 



Enhanced Security Measures 

We incorporate robust security protocols and encryption techniques to safeguard sensitive data and information, ensuring a secure wireless network environment which protects against unauthorised access and potential cyber threats.


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Why choose Flow's wireless network deployments?

  • Flow conducts thorough planning to ensure the effective deployment of wireless networks, considering factors like coverage area and access points.
  • Our team performs detailed site surveys and analyses to assess signal strength, interference, and optimal placement of wireless equipment.
  • Flow's skilled technicians handle the installation of wireless network infrastructure with precision and expertise, ensuring reliable connectivity.
  • We configure and optimise wireless networks for maximum performance, considering factors like bandwidth requirements and security protocols.
  • Flow provides continuous maintenance and support services to keep your wireless network running smoothly, promptly address issues and ensure uninterrupted connectivity.


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Flow focus on providing efficient solutions to organisations enabling them to do business in confidence, with seamless transition and without fear of a cybersecurity attack. Bringing over 15 years of experience at the highest level, building trusted relationships with customers and supporting them wherever they are on their digital journey. Cybersecurity is built into the fabric of all our solutions, enabling secure and confident business operations.