Support services

Delivering continuous support to ensure your business systems are always available, whilst keeping them protected.

Support services are critical

In the complex world of technology there are many challenges which can occur, from user resets on laptops, to data breaches costing millions of pounds. Organisations don't always have time or resources to deal with these issues, leaving them vulnerable to the repercussions and real business impact. Support services are critical to maintain availability and uptime for modern day businesses. 

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Flow's approach

Our team of experts are on hand to help, with industry leading response times. Our support methodology is to proactively identify issues and be an extension to your IT team.  We can provide you with smart, reactive support to any problems you may experience within your infrastructure and evaluating the reasons why they occurred, so we can work to prevent them from re-occurring.

Our value offerings

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Network & IT support

Our skilful Service Desk with industry leading response times, work as an extension of your IT team. They will support any issues you have from break-fix, through to proactive response within networks, datacenter, security and cloud. 

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Why Flow for support services?

  • Industry leading response times 
  • Real engineers at the end of the phone with no ticket triage
  • Focused on addressing the problems our customers face
  • Working as an extension of your team to support any issues that occur

Your local partner for global solutions

Flow focus on providing efficient solutions to organisations enabling them to do business in confidence, with seamless transition and without fear of a cybersecurity attack. Bringing over 15 years of experience at the highest level, building trusted relationships with customers and supporting them wherever they are on their digital journey. Cybersecurity is built into the fabric of all our solutions, enabling secure and confident business operations.