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Beyond Breach Fatigue: Unleashing Effective Response Through Readiness

Navigate the digital landscape with resilience! Explore effective responses to cyber threats. Learn from real-world incidents, like Allen & Overy's strategic response, and discover actionable steps to boost breach resilience.


Nov 30, 2023

In today's digital landscape, data breaches have become routine occurrences. But many are experiencing "breach fatigue" - a sense of resignation and apathy stemming from the constant barrage of cyberattack headlines. 

While breach fatigue is understandable, it can blind organisations to the real cybersecurity lessons. With breaches all but inevitable, resilience depends on how effectively you respond to attacks. 

The Flawed Focus on Breach Numbers 

The obsession with breach numbers in news coverage is often misleading and needs more context. Raw totals need to convey the nuanced impact of a breach. For instance, a company handling billions of records may find a million leaked records relatively insignificant. Recognising that not all data poses an equal risk is crucial — losing intellectual property (IP) can be more detrimental than generic business data.  

Unfortunately, this fixation on volumes frequently overlooks critical factors such as the time it takes to detect the breach, execute response plans, and initiate recovery processes. 

Don't Let Urgency Drive Poor Decisions 

In the aftermath of a breach, some vendors capitalise on fear, pushing solutions that may not suit an organisation's risks. Often, this rash overspending on incompatible tools typically backfires, further weakening security and increasing vulnerability, widening the security gap.

Stay focused on improving detection, response, and recovery capabilities. Ensure any new technology aligns strategically with your specific threats and business needs. 

What we can learn from Allen & Overy's Response

When elite UK law firm Allen & Overy suffered a ransomware attack earlier this month, they didn't make panic-driven mistakes. Instead, their controlled response limited impacts: 

  • They immediately notified clients, demonstrating transparency. 
  • Services continued with minimal disruption, showing resilience. 
  • They methodically assessed the breach before reacting and controlling damage. 
  • They refused to comply with the criminals' demands, maintaining control over the situation. 

Boost Resilience Before Disaster Strikes 

Take action before a crisis hits. Work now on improving your response capabilities: 

  • Institute robust monitoring and logging for faster threat detection. 
  • Develop and rehearse your response plan through simulations. 
  • Designate personnel and communications strategies. 
  • Backup critical systems to accelerate recovery. 
  • Train staff to identify and rapidly report incidents. 

Improve your cyber resilience with Flow. 

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