Case Study

Penetration testing & Cyber Essentials

 Environmental Company February 2021

Company in Wales places major investment in cybersecurity to continue to preserve and protect the countries environmental resources. 


Customer profile

Industry: Environment

Location: Cardiff, Wales

 A Welsh company, working to preserve and protect the environment, has recently made a series of investments in their cybersecurity provisions. 

Solutions provided
  • Penetration Testing 

  • Cyber Essentials 

  • Cyber Essentials Plus 

Business results
  • Ensuring that customer data is protected
  • Compliance with regulatory standards and industry best practice Improved internal cybersecurity culture
  • Demonstrated cybersecurity credentials to key stakeholders 

How did we work together? 

 With the assistance of Barry-based Capital Network Solutions (CNS), they invested in cybersecurity measures to support their work, ensuring that customer data is protected and their internet services are secure to industry best practices and compliance requirements, tested by CNS's CREST approved penetration testing team.

 An area of particular focus was the rise in remote working due to COVID-19 restrictions and the additional security considerations involved. 

The highly accredited cybersecurity provider and expert team supplemented the environmental companies own internal experts to improve their cybersecurity culture, achieving and maintaining standards to their coveted Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation and beyond. This now extends to CREST approved penetration testing and IT health checks over multiple years. 

What did we achieve?

Cyber Essentials Plus is a UK Government certification that allows businesses to demonstrate their cybersecurity credentials to key stakeholders such as customers and supply chain partners. 

The scheme requires businesses to meet security standards set by the National Cybersecurity Centre , providing a level of assurance to any government contracts, and customers contracts that significant measures are in place to protect their data and services. 

Successful partnership 

The two companies have built a strong partnership over the past five years, with many successful projects. 

Sarah Edwards, managing director at Capital Network Solutions, said: “We are proud to work with this company and share our expertise over the past five years to enable them to continue their important work. 

Mark Edwards, Technical Director at Capital Network Solutions, part of the Flow group.

“Advances in technology are fast moving, especially with regards to cybersecurity, and this company are taking a proactive approach by investing in the future.” 

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